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Analysis through the molecular content


Since its creation EXCILONE strives to develop and offer analysis solutions for smaller and smaller biological samples both with imaging technologies and molecular technologies suitable for microquantities analysis.

Our purpose is to offer excellency in Micro and Nanogenomics from epsilon quantity of biological material. It is the very ethology of the company’s name.

Technological advances now offer the possibility of taking smaller and smaller biopsies but also to recover cells in suspension by non-invasive techniques (blood tubes, pleural fluid, …). The analytical fineness of these small samples is clearly in the axis of development of the company and represents a real hope for patients in the early diagnosis of some cancers or some diseases but also to allow the follow-up of certain treatments and the implementation of personalized treatment (personalized medicine).

We propose today an unique offer of services based on 3 main technologies:

From these collected samples Excilone has developed a true know-how on:

  • Biological samples preparation to make them exploitable in Micro- and Nanogenomics
  • DNA, RNA and proteins isolation
  • DNA and RNA amplification

Personalization, Quality and Confidentiality:

As each project is specific and unique and the customer’s needs various Excilone examines each request individually and has set up preliminary feasibility studies. This testing and analysis step enables each service to be adjusted at technical and economic level and ensures quality and time to deliver results.

Our services are part of a strict framework of quality and confidentiality.

Our R&D current program allows us to consider pushing further the current limits of studies especially in proteomics.

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