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DNA, RNA, proteins isolation …


Access your nucleic acids
and use them in Nanogenomic

 Nucleic acids isolation

  • From rare, small or difficult samples
  • From microdissected cells, cell pellet or in lysis solution
  • Frozen or FFPE fixed sample
  • Complete process including quality analysis of your RNA/DNA

 RNA amplification, from 100 pg input

  • Obtain micrograms of RNA from less than 1 ng input
  • Several technologies for : Degraded RNA amplification, amplification from a few cells, targeted genes pre-amplification

 qPCR: Maximum flexibility

  • Gene expression : Quantification, validation, metabolic pathways’studies
  • MicroRNA
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)

 Taqman Low-Density Array (TLDA)

  • Low  cost  format  and  reproducibility  for  you  gene  expression analysis
  • Pre-loaded arrays : Alzheimer, cancer, diabetes
  • Design arrays with your own markers

Amplify DNA / RNA
from rare cells or precious samples

 DNA amplification

  • Whole genome amplification from a single-cell or few cells
  • Compare to your control cells
  • Up to 4µg of total amplified DNA from a single cell
  • From live or fixed cells (paraformaldehyde)

 Gene expression and targeted pre-amplifications

  • Pre-amplify up to 100 targets of your choice at the same time
  • For small quantities of cDNA, from 1 to 250 ng

 RNA amplification

  • Obtain micrograms of RNA from less than 1 ng input
  • Technologies for degraded RNA (with or without poly-A tail), even from FFPE Tissues
  • Amplification of bacterial RNA
  • Wide range of markers for your downstream analysis
  • From laser microdissected samples or small number of cells
  • Optimized and unique technology allowing RNA amplification from FFPE tissues

New nucleic acids isolation technologies
from FFPE fixed tissues

 Get rid of the deparaffinization step

  • No deparaffinization step, no overnight lysis
  • From your fixed sample to your qPCR results within the day

 Yield and quality

  • High yields, from small to long fragments of RNA
  • High quality RNA from FFPE samples, slides or microdissected
  • Up to 5 slides (10µm thick, 1 to 2 cm²)

 flexibility with the AmpTec technology

  • On-column or magnetic isolations
  • Total RNA isolation
  • Separate miRNA from mRNA

 Amplify your RNA if needed

Unique amplification technology for your FFPE samples

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