Our mission

To reply to the needs of the scientific community about the analysis of samples through images or molecular content Excilone offers a wide range of services in Microgenomics, Nanogenomics, and Cellular Imaging. As the understanding of biological phenomena is now done at the scale of the cell,
Excilone presents you the excellence in epsilon quantity.

Our vision

To give you access to the most innovative technologies with experts recognized in their application field. To improve research methods to understand the birth of molecular mechanisms before they are detectable by current techniques.
With Excilone services the Future is now.

Our values

Expertise • Well-known specialists in their application field to perform your projects.

Quality • Qualified teams that follow a strict quality management process.

Innovation • Experts who develop new approaches and push current limits.

Confidentiality • Works done in complete confidentiality with signatures of protocols (NDA, …) if necessary.

Listening • Technical referents to understand your projects and reply to your needs.

Excilone is a member of AFSSI and of Medicen