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Exchanges are at the heart of our services


H&E stains, special histological stains, IHC… These slides files contain a large amount of details. The weight of these images can be a barrier to their access and especially to their sharing yet crucial in the context of studies.

Excilone provides its customers a secured sharing platform which allows them to access, to view and to annotate their virtual slides.

For example you can validate the specificity of an immunostaining before mass production of your slides or annotate area of interest for image analysis.

Many of you would like to have access to the same virtual slides? No worries. You can organize reading sessions as if you were using a multi-head microscope.

At the end of your project you have the choice to ask us to store the data on our server for a time or to delete them.

This is also Excilone flexibility !

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details!

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