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Slides preparation


From tissue sample to virtual slide

 Applications fields

  • Toxicology
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmacology
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Cancer
  • Nutrition


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Excilone offers a complete range of services covering the entire histological process from samples fixation to slide scanning and images analysis.
  • Chemical fixation or cryogenic fixation (SnapFrost®)
  • Paraffin sections, frozen sections or floating sections.
  • Automated standard and special stainings
  • Automated stainings for IHC (Discovery® XT), immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization
  • TMA (Tissue Micro Arrays) : building of paraffin blocks (MiniCore®) and frozen blocks
  • Brightfield, fluorescence and FISH slide scanning
  • Sharing virtual slides
  • Bright field and fluorescence image analysis
  • Expertise in Pathology


Tissue Micro Arrays

 Tissue Arrays Applications

  • Antibodies and In Situ probes validation
  • Demonstration of correlation between expression levels and cancer stage morphology
  • Marker distribution study in various organs and diseases

 Technical Benefits

  • Access large cohort studies without large budgets
  • Greatly reduced consumption of reagents
  • Better tissue specimen use and preservation
  • Better statistical value, studies on large number
  • Better experimental value, all specimen on the same slide, controls
Tissue Micro Array (TMA) allows assembling tissue cores from different donor blocks in the same paraffin block. A TMA block may contain hundreds of tissue cores from different cases (using Minicore® Tissue Arrayer).

 Excilone offers a complete Service around TMA technique

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